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토토사이트 총판 유니88 놀검소

Downtown Dental Centre is a general and cosmetic dentistry practice located in the heart of St. Catharines, Ontario. Our dentists and team use the latest technology and treatments to help you enjoy excellent dental health.

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    Family Dentistry

    We treat your family like our own. Trust your family with Downtown Dental Centre.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Reach your “smile goals” with comprehensive cosmetic enhancements for your teeth.

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    Preventative Dentistry

    The mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Learn how we keep you and your smile healthy.

Dental chair
40 years

Calling St. Catharines
home for over 40 years

We offer a complete range of dental services. We’re your source for friendly and professional dental care!

Looking for a new dentist?
We're accepting new patients!

Our primary concern has always been to provide comfortable, health-centered dental care to our patients.
Take a few minutes to learn what to expect during your first appointment with us.

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